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There will be no further updates to the Defence Technology Plan (DTP) until after the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

Welcome to the Defence Technology Plan (DTP), a cost-balanced list of current Research and Development (R&D) priorities of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It takes the Defence Technology Strategy forward, provides clear direction to the R&D community on investment in defence technology and seeks fresh, innovative thinking.

The site is structured as shown below. To navigate the DTP, click on the "Systems", "Emerging Technologies" and "Capability Visions" links on the left.

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The DTP is set out as high level R&D Objectives that are associated to Systems – for example, ships and weapons. We plan to achieve these R&D Objectives through a number of Research Activities, which are grouped into Themes. The relationship of Themes and Activities within an Objective is also presented as a Roadmap.

Capability Visions address long-term defence challenges by stimulating new work and new applications for existing technologies.

Emerging Technologies are early stage ideas and novel applications with the potential for high impact on future military capability. The DTP identifies areas of interest and a framework for industry and academia to engage with MOD.

Potential suppliers of innovative technology to MOD should look out for specific invitations to tender in MOD's Defence Contracts Bulletin or submit a speculative proposal to the Centre for Defence Enterprise.

The DTP will be regularly updated to reflect MOD's evolving needs. Your contributions and feedback are welcomed on

Note: The DTP does not constitute an invitation to tender. Stated Research Activities include those that are already being procured, those that are planned to be procured through a variety of mechanisms and those that are of potential further interest

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