Funding, Contracts and IPR

The CDE uses standard MOD contract templates, differentiated by intellectual property conditions. For an explanation of the variants and to see what a CDE contract will look like for successful applicants please see the Contract Downloads and IPR Principles section.

To help you read these documents we have also prepared some easy to read guidance documentation found in the Contract Guidance.

DEFCONs are standard and normally non-varying defence contract conditions. For further guidance on the specific DEFCONs please see the DEFCON Download Links.

For full DEFCON List and Conditions Guidance, log in and use the DEFCON tab on the following link: If you are not already registered, you can set up a free account using this link.

For guidance on the typical values of CDE contracts please see the Guidance on Value of Proposals.

Intellectual Property Rights

We also realise that intellectual property is often at the forefront of commercial discussions and we have provided a guide to how we view and use intellectual property. The normal arrangement, under UK Government policy, for research work funded from the public purse is that the research provider owns the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - subject to the grant of a licence to the funding department for use of the results. The MOD follows UK Government policy and details the IPR arrangements in DEFCON 705 - Intellectual Property Rights - Research and Technology.

MOD follows this policy and vests ownership of the intellectual property with the research providers such that it can be more readily exploited. Indeed, exploitation of the research results is actively encouraged by the MOD both in the defence and security fields and also in commercial applications.

However, tenders should note that security, export (or other) restrictions may apply in specific exploitation routes and MOD approval may be required in such instances.

We have also written further guidance on shared funded IPR conditions in our Shared Funding Narrative section.

Our approach to confidentiality agreements is explained in the Confidentiality Agreements section.