CDE Portal

Please see the attached Quick Start Guide or log in below

Our online submission process through ‘The Portal’ has been designed to enable you to draw out and highlight the aspects of your innovation that our assessors will be looking for. We are using structured web forms that will help us understand:

  • What your innovation does
  • How your innovation could contribute to defence
  • How your innovation might be taken through to market

You can also add attachments containing diagrams or more detail, but the information you provide through the web forms should highlight the key aspects of your innovation and is the primary basis for proposal assessments.

Within your portal account you will construct your proposal using web forms. When you ‘publish’ your work for review by yourself or others in your Enterprise a pdf document will be produced. To edit this document you must return to the web form page.

‘Publish’ is not the same as ‘Submit’.

Only when your proposal has been submitted through the Portal (again as automatically generated pdf documents) can your proposal be seen by the assessors. The web forms and pdf documents produced before submission will not be viewed - we regard this work as private to you and your Enterprise.

There are four parts to the web form accessed through top-level tabs. Please complete all parts of the proposal document:

  • Military - How your idea might contribute to defence. You do not have to complete this part, but we encourage you to include your thoughts or ideas.
  • Innovation - This is your idea; what it does, and how it fits into wider defence - through connections, integration or dependencies. It also allows you to summarise the intellectual property involved in your innovation and highlight benefits to stakeholders.
  • Supply - What you require to realise your idea; including access to the technical capabilities needed to produce and test your innovation and who you may need to work with. In this section you are also invited to tell us how your delivery approach may be better, cheaper or faster than others.
  • Commercial - Detail the resources (funding) required by your proposal, identify the preferred funding and contracts, proposal deliverables and, if appropriate, propose stage payments.

The eventual output from the portal is an automatically generated pdf which can be reviewed and ultimately submitted for assessment.

We have recently updated ‘The Portal’ and detailed guidance, examples and handbooks are available for downloads below and also within the portal itself.

  • Account Manual – how to establish and operate an account on the portal covering both single user and multi user accounts.
  • User Manual – a short guide for individual users to manage their contact details and passwords.
  • Technology Application Reference Manual – how to prepare an unsolicited or open proposal, respond to specific opportunities and manage contracts through the Portal.
  • Technology Application Guidelines – will be available late Oct 2009.
  • ITT Manual – how an invitation to tender (ITT) or call for proposals can be created and managed in the Portal.

ITT Manual (1.9MB)

Account Manual (1MB)

User Manual (540KB)

Technology Application Manual (2.4MB)